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URL: www.neokarp.com URL: www.sergeart.com
Legend: Neokarp is photographer, movie maker and furniture designer with love in wood Legend: Serge is leader of czech and slovak saloon scene!

URL: www.skype.com URL: www.pelikan.sk
Legend: Skype is the way how to make a call for free via internet Legend: best price airlines tickects waiting for you

Desmod - nové CD - Kyvadlo
URL: www.bulanci.cz URL: www.desmod.sk
Legend: one of the best games, great for 4 players via intranet Legend: New Desmod CD - Kyvadlo

URL: www.poznanie.sk URL: www.lavagance.com
Legend: interesing pages about human and about where are we going Legend: our favourite music band, future retro cinematic hippie sound

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