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Solutions For Your Business

Our target is to develop viable solutions for integration of corporate communication of your business. We offer the solutions divided into the following categories :

Our support in this field comprises the creation and update of tailor-made static or dynamic websites in accordance to your specific and individual requirements. Picturesque graphics along with very well arranged navigation can be highly appreciated by your clients and all website visitors. Your website - our creativity in graphic design - will definitely attract and its logic structure will enable to immediately hit one's target - to find required information ...

Hence our solutions will finally yield for your business along with quality, necessary compatibility and all that focused on every detail.


Internet is the answer for your increasing business needs and it is also very effective tool for target-oriented marketing communication of your business, brand name, company and services ... We will be your marketing targets´ safeguard, and at the same time we will focus on your brand communication target...all in real time and on-line!



The execution of general website audit will result in a concentrated essence of advice and definition for success positioning. The audit is constituted of inadequacies analyses and recommendation of effective action to remedy the situation. We can honestly promise you that the audit will reveal the most significant faults and inadequacies of your website and it will be crucial and turning point in your business!

Search Engine Optimization

The majority of internet users is utilizing the effective and full-text web browsers (for instance Google, Yahoo etc.). In order to achieve significant evaluation of your website within the principle of web browsers, it is inevitable to analyze general access code of website and to adjust usually hidden features which are crucial and essential for overall evaluation.

The SEO is provided by HIVSOFT for existing websites and it is obviously the integral part of our creative strategy for new websites.


The website visitors are always very demanding as for the updated, precise and relevant content. The increasing amounts of displayed information along with entire complexity of website structure is causing that the manual website maintenance is becoming difficult.

Our solution for website content management easily enable to non-technical users to publish and update the content in a very rapid and effective mode. Furthermore, the solution enables to increase the value of displayed information and make the marketing communication with your clients, customers, partners and employees more effective.


Well-established virtual eShop with all product information, definitions and overall catalogue along with eShop + catalogue management and update via web interface, the support for different eSelling language versions, user's registration / login and support for online payment systems.
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