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Outlook Express Setup

We are offering to our clients internet presentation and also webhosting on our server. Webhosting is including e-mail box. This tutorial is showing you how to setup Microsoft Outlook Express to read your e-mails on your computer.
Step 1. - Run MS Outlook Express
To start MS Outlook Express click on "Start" button (left bottom of your windows desktop). System will show you list of program. Click on Outlook Express button.
Run MS Outlook Express
Step 2. - Accounts
In maim menu click on "Tools" and than on "Accounts".
Step 3. - Mail
Click on tab "Mail" in new window.
Step 4. - Add
Click on button "Add" and than on "Mail".
Step 5. - Your name
Please enter your name and click on button "Next".
Your name
Step 6. - Internet E-mail Address
Enter your e-mail address and click on button "Next".
Internet E-mail Address
Step 7. - E-mail Server Names
Enter POP3 (mail.hivsoft.sk) and SMTP (mail.hivsoft.sk) and click on button "Next".
E-mail Server Names
Step 8. - Internet Mail Logon
Enter your login and password and click on button "Next".
Internet Mail Logon
Step 9. - Congratulation!
Setup is done, click on button "Finished".

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